Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Make the Most of Life

I sit everyday for at least 10 minutes before I do anything of importance for the day. I take time to reflect on loves lost and what could be. I sometimes sit and laugh or cry depending on what memories I have of the little one that is now in heaven. I sit and wonder what he would be like, what he would be wearing, or what his favorite color would be. I sit and close my eyes and reflect on the time that he was in my life.

C.J. would be 14 years old. It is hard sometimes to read other blogs and everyone talks about their children. People ask do you have kids? Sometimes I say yes and other days I feel strong enough to say no and then I tell C.J.'s story. Usually people don't know what to say and they get embarrassed but I tell them not to. I am glad they had a listening ear.

C.J. was born with
Atrial Septal Defect: ASD is a defect in the septum between the heart’s two upper chambers (atria). The septum is a wall that separates the heart’s left and right sides. Septal defects are sometimes called a “hole” in the heart. He had surgery to patch the hole in his heart but had many complications after surgery. He was on a daily dose of steroids, antibiotics, you name it he was on it. He was a very active boy and loved to run and jump and get into things he probably shouldn't have. His prognosis for the future were bleak. The patch didn't work and he left this world in my arms on the way to the hospital. There are many people who have or had this in their early stages of life. I have met many women who had the surgery in their teens and have nothing but good things to say. That is where it gets hard to talk about. That is where I say "Why my son?" A load of other stuff happened prior to the day he passed. But that is too hard to talk about. A lot of this I can't think about I get angry at the Dr.'s for passing him by. I feel that if only I was in a certain income bracket this would have never happened. I can't dwell on the past and that is why I make the Most of Life.

Coffee For Less | Emeril's Big Easy Bold Coffee K-Cups | Review

Coffee For Less | Emeril's Big Easy Bold Coffee K-Cups | Review

Celebrate Father’s Day in a fun way


Build a funny story about a Dad you know for a chance to win a $100 Gift Card instantly!

Here is my story:

Everyone knows Dad loves to build stuff. After a long career as a/an Singing instructor, Dad finally retired. With long days to fill now, My Dad encouraged him to take up woodworking. However, the garage was a mess with all the Golf Clubs. He practically had a collection of these to get rid of; they had even spilled out into yard!

Our neighbor lent him some tools to get started on building a shelf, but Dad left them near the Tree Fort too long. You guessed it -- they rusted. I shook my Big Toe in embarrassment and decided to get out of Dodge by taking our Humpback Whale for a walk. (Of course, I avoided our neighbor.)

Back in the garage, Dad was hard at work with the rusty tools trying to build a Cell Phone. I could see this new process was making him Calm. I tried to accept his new hobby, although I was going to keep my distance so I could keep my Feet safe!

If a man's place is in the garage, then my place is The Airport! Some dads say "Measure twice, cut once." My dad is more likely to say, "Don't forget to check the oil!."

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Family Dollar and You

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