Monday, June 21, 2010

Prescription Medications Verses Over the Counter

I am not a Dr. and don't claim to be one. In fact I don't know much about my numbers and am seeking out answers from others and what and how they deal with high Cholesterol etc..... I am writing this while I look at my labs from my Dr. I turn 39 on the 22 of June so I had this total brain shock and want to know more about other treatments other than what my dr. will prescribe coming Monday. I would love to take something that is natural for my body. Not much natural in it as we speak.

So I am going to give you a boring run down on my numbers and would like it if you could advise me on something that worked for you. I am not looking for prescriptions. I want over the counter or Natural only.

I am a 39 female who is Type 2 diabetic

Cholesterol 196
A1C 6.3

If I was to start taking Omega 3 Fish Oil for Cholesterol would this be sufficient for me.
Also I am anemic so I  have been taking supplements for that as well. I am fatigued most of the time, and when I do eat better I feel rested. So my Dr. doesn't seem to raise any eyebrows to that but it scares me a bit.