Saturday, June 12, 2010

I Used to:

I used to groove to many kinds of music. Before I got stuck on FB. So I have been using to listen to many of the bands I would listen to before my obsession with Facebook games etc...

One of my many favorites is PHISH. Phish became one of the most significant live music phenomena of all time.

Talk about being obsessive. I fit this to the "T" I listened day and night and breathed Phish. Then it all stopped.

The End Part 2

Suddenly I had this feeling of "screw it" I have to get off Facebook Games. So I did. If you happen to come along and see that I am no longer on your Facebook Friends well then that is because you have been deleted my friend. Don't take it personally but if I am going to stop playing games then you needed to depart as well.

I am keeping Facebook open because there is loads of other stuff on there that can be of interest. For instance a blog by the name of Bitchy Waiter

Check it out it's hilarious....


For the first time in over a year or so we went to a the movie Shrek in 3D. It was awesome. I remember as a kid getting those paper glasses, not this time they are black and remind me of The Blues Brothers. It was a great time out. We then went for a long ride trying to get lost but to no avail we ended up where we started.

We stopped and got a bite to eat at Culver's which is a hamburger joint. Which was even better because we had the chance to use our Barter Bucks and saved a bit of moola. It was such a nice day and I hope that we can do it again sometime.

I am still disappointed that I can't return to Facebook games but I will take what we did today over any foolish game again.