Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Staying Positive

It sure is hard to stay positive when you feel like crud. I am happy one minute and then the next I feel like choking someone for driving too fast, or not using their blinker. I am calm one minute and then feel totally anxious because the kitchen is a disaster and it's been that way for two days now. Don't sweat the small stuff all stuff is small someone awhile ago said to me. Just think of it every time you get angry over something so small.

Staying positive is something I strive for not only every day but every second of my life. The only thing going for me is being able to sit here and type how I feel and what is really inside of me. Do I care what others think? Not really. My motto: You don't pay my bills so shove off. But deep down inside after brewing about what I read or what I may have said YES I do care. I want to be a part of something positive. I feel that this is positive. I like the computer and what it has to offer. I like to read others stories of hope, dreams, love and abilities to overcome grief, death and losing.

How many self help books does one need to read in order to become a better person? I am tired of all the authors that think they have yet one more thing they can offer their readers that someone doesn't. Why don't they just all get together and write a book and then we all can read it once and pass it on to the next person who has just spent a good chunk of change on books to make them feel better.

I don't have a lot of positive people in my life I guess. The only one that comes to mind is my sister "L" she seems to be upbeat and always looks for the good in people. Just the other day at the store a young man said excuse me honey and I wanted to slap him silly. My sister said, " Maybe he meant that in a good way" I felt degraded. Creep. But now that I look back on it I feel bad for thinking that of him and thought well maybe my sister was right. So my goal for this week is to think positive in everyone. I sure don't want people to label me or stigmatize me, so in return I shouldn't do it either.

Check back on Monday and I will recap where I left off. If it was a good goal or not......


How To Choose Happiness...Most Of The Time: 30 Ways In 30 Days

Yellow Pages Blues

There are loads of things about mental health issues that no one consumer could handle in a day. Just going to see a therapist requires a lot of stamina and patience just to get in the door. For instance just last week I wanted to find a therapist again after a long 8 years of not having one. I looked in the yellow pages and started calling. I called most of the "A" section in the book and took a break because I was feeling burnt out. Most receptionists tell you that they would have to call back. Call back? I don't have time to sit and wait for a call back. Why can't I just make an appointment now?

So, while waiting and 4 hours later I called several friends and asked who them would recommend. But there is always a problem with insurance issues. If you have insurance then great you can get in. But like me I have none or little and it doesn't cover this type of service. So I try to get in on a sliding fee scale. I pay as I can, or pay so much down each time. These days in this economic downfall you would be able to find places that would help out just  a little. But no, that is quite impossible. So if you ever do and you are in the great Midwest please let me know.

There is also a wait for services probably in every county in the United States for mental health issues. In the newspaper yesterday I read about the outlaying areas who have to wait for months sometimes years just to get to see a psychiatrist. This is not right.  We shouldn't have to wait for anything. There is also the paper chasing game. I do know that in my hometown and I live in the Capitol State that there are still all those freakin papers you have to fill out. Whatever happen to electronic filing. I don't want to have to keep a book in my purse just so I can give it to each time I want services. This makes for a very frustrating and long day. Something I don't need.Choosing an Online Therapist: A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Professional Help on the Web

 Long story short: I had one call back out of 73 phone calls I put in. One lousy stinking phone call. Just think I have the rest of the yellow pages to go. Pray for me!