Friday, June 25, 2010

Birthday Surprises

My birthday was good. Hot, hot, hot outside. I don't like being sticky anymore. As a kid I could handle the warm sun and would always say, " It better be hot out on my birthday." Whew! Not anymore. So my sister, nephew came from MN and my mom and my partner all went to a place called Nitty Gritty here in WI. It's the birthday restaurant known for their big burgers. Plus you get a free glass mug and a balloon. You also get a free mini sundae every month until your next birthday. Can't resist right?

We then went to a bar that we frequent and I wanted a glass of  Prairie Fume but it was so warm in there I started to get a headache so after a short talk with our favorite bartender Paul we left. Too hot to enjoy it. Went home and opened up a gift from my partner and it was a $25.00 playfish cash card. LOL hmmm some people just don't listen I guess.

So, I had to go back to Restaurant City on Facebook and use the card.  Listen don't buy stuff like this. It isn't worth it. It went so fast and things are even expensive on there. I am glad I received it for my birthday because I wouldn't have bought it for myself.  Over all my birthday was good. But, I realize now that I am getting older and things in my life need to change. Physically and mentally. I need to stay fit and active and challenge myself more so I don't sit on my duff and do this all day.


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