Monday, June 28, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

Up at the crack of dawn just so my cat Nermal can get a drink of water. Clearing throat yes he only gets sink water. He is 11 years old what do you expect. I spoil him. He is my time clock. No need for expensive alarm clocks anymore that is for sure. Instead of hearing a horrendous sound of a beep. I hear a soft meow until I wake up. As soon as my eyes are open then bam. The meowing gets louder and louder. I can't move that well in the morning I suffer from Fibromyalgia in my knees especially. So I sit on the side of the bed and wait till I want to wince. 

Nermal gets his daily morning regimen along with his sister Oreo. Although Oreo doesn't get bathroom sink water she sticks with the good stuff out of her bowl. But they both get to dine on some sweet treats too. Something I should of stayed away from but what can I say they are my kids. They are satisfied and I am not. Coffee filters have disappeared and so I use paper towels and let me tell you this is not a good thing. Messes in the morning tend to put me in a dismal mood.

Am has a migraine again, nothing new there. Up to call the Dr. ( she gets a shot of the good stuff) twice a week to combat these horrible horrible pains. Trying to eliminate the narcotic diet though. Went to the sleep Dr. and they told her that she will die eventually if she doesn't wear her CPAP. Um this has been going on for over 5 years. I don't feel sorry for her anymore. What the heck took you so long. Her doctors have been telling her this for the last 10 years. No oxygen to the brain and wham you are bound to get a headache or worse yet a migraine. I don't understand people sometimes. But then again I have to deal with myself too so there is a big mystery right there.

Should really get ready for the day. But I just hate Monday's. I don't sleep that well these days and am hoping to find a regimen to conquer these sleepless nights. I do take sleeping medication but am trying to cut down. I would love to be able to sleep on my own. I never feel groggy in the morning I just feel wiped out after 2 hours later. I too should have a CPAP. But because of insurance problems I don't. So the day goes on.... back at you later.

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