Monday, June 28, 2010

Light My Wick

I am writing this because I ran across a website that is all about candle making. I love candles I will buy any candle anywhere no matter what the price is. I often am quite disappointed to find out that the candle that I bought for over $15.00 doesn't even smell. I have to have smell people. I like to be able to walk into my house and not smell the cat box. I feel sorry for our guests. I actually am embarrassed.

So this candle making company is called The Candle Making Store  it has everything and anything you need to make your own candles. The one package I am probably going to order is the Complete Soy Candle Starter Kit 

The prices are very reasonable as well. I can't afford high priced candles anymore and making my own would be a delight. I can see it now... Birthdays, Holidays or just those special moments that you would like to say "Thanks for Being in my life"

They are also having a giveaway you can take a look at it on their site when you sign up for their newsletter or you can also view it on Crafty Mama of 4 blog. She has some other neat stuff to look at as well.

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