Friday, June 11, 2010

The End

As I sit here trying to get into my Facebook game since early this evening, I think maybe this is a sign a sign to finally close shop and get the heck out of dodge. Inside I am terrorized to think that I won't wake up to my neighbors anymore. I keep thinking of excuses of what I will miss. I won't miss a dang thing and no one will miss me. True isn't it? I play games my life is one big game. No one will care if they are missing a neighbor. No one will care if they don't receive food anymore. No one will care if I close up and say that's it.

I guess I could go back to a passion I had and Sweep to my hearts content. I did quite well with that. Won a lot of things on blog contests and of course there I go again and spend endless hours in front of the computer entering tons of stuff just to see if I can win a key chain with a company I don't even really know about. What a joke.

I guess you will have to wait and see what the outcome of my Facebook playing days will be.... Until then have a fantastic night and enjoy your loved ones.

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DEE said...

i went looking for you and found you were gone. so you see, someone does miss you and someone does notice that you left. i wish you luck and success in whatever you do Beth. like you, i am addicted to the games too....BUT....while playing those games i have met some wonderful people and made some fantastic friendships that i am sure will last beyond FB. so, to me, there is a happy ending and a positive side to this addiction.